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videoconfThe #InnovativeTeams series of talks discusses the team-excelling tools and tactics that Dan has created, adapted, and put into place to help the world’s most high-performing teams. Dan will help you to understand the basics of Agile, distributed team management, and exponential information sharing. You’ll learn how and why tools like Upwork, JIRA, Slack, Google Hangouts, Amazon Web Services, Github, Google Drive, Salesforce, Confluence, Dropbox, Docker, Hubspot, Ansible, and Intercom have changed work as we know it. These democratized and easy-to-implement tools give teams innovative and exponential ways to collaborate around the work that they do.

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Use #TransformativeTech


Data science is propelling the world forward by exponential leaps and bounds. Regardless of your industry, the future of your business depends on your team’s ability to wield data like that stick that Daisy Ridley used at the beginning of The Force Awakens. The problem is that not all of us are on the same page with what data science even is!

These talks will help you to understand the full spectrum of data science possibilities. Whether your team is just looking for actionable reports and charts or trying to figure out how to reverse-engineer your way backwards through the hidden levels of a neural net, this talk is for you.

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Build #DisruptiveProducts


Today, in the low-barrier-to-entry, technology-enabled world in which we live, ideas for changing the world are a dime a dozen. Any user with a laptop can get an app on an Appstore in just a few hours. But the number of truly disruptive and successful innovations is much smaller.

Dan Chuparkoff’s Build Great Products series of talks will help you and your team walk the delicate balance between reinventing the world while addressing today’s market need at the same time. Learn the secrets of innovation and roadmap planning from some of the world’s most innovative teams.

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