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Disruptive Products

Today, in the low-barrier-to-entry, technology-enabled world in which we live, ideas for changing the world are a dime a dozen. Any user with a laptop can get an app on an Appstore in just a few hours. But the number of truly disruptive and successful innovations is much smaller. In reality, to truly disrupt an industry, you need three things:

1) You need to have a great idea
2) You need to execute on it better than anyone else
3) You need the market to understand and agree with you

Many of the world’s ideators succeed on number one, but fail on number two. Many innovators succeed on number one and two, but fail on number three. Only a small handful of disruptors succeed on number one, two, AND three. Where are your ideas and your team on this spectrum?

Dan Chuparkoff’s Disruptive Products series of talks will help you and your team walk the delicate balance between reinventing the world while addressing today’s market need at the same time. Learn the secrets of innovation and roadmap planning from some of the world’s most innovative teams.

You’ll learn to follow and understand the most important and transformative trends in the world, so you can grab on to the right ones at the right time. A beautifully designed sailboat sits idle if it’s captain doesn’t know how to see and catch the wind for its sails. You’ll also learn how to build staircase roadmaps. This roadmapping strategy allows you to break your innovations up into manageable pieces, so that your customers understand, embrace, and will pay for the products that you build for them. These are just two of the proven innovation tactics that separate the successful disruptors from the teams that faltered and perished somewhere along the way.

Join Dan Chuparkoff for a Disruptive Products talk or workshop and you’ll learn how to make sure your team is one of the successful ones!

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