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Innovative Teams

Look around and you will see abundant evidence that we are living in an exponential world. A constant stream of innovation is pushing nearly everything in our lives forward. Our computers get twice as fast, and half as small, before we even need replacements. That supercomputer in our pocket does more for every one of us in a single day than NASA’s room of computers and team of scientists did during the entirety of the Apollo program. The world is filled with constant reinvention. Yet most teams at most companies are still collaborating around the work that they do as if it was 1994.

  1. Is your team the ‘right amount’ of Agile?
  2. Do your team-members take notes separately without leveraging the work of others?
  3. Can you work seamlessly across timezones and language barriers?
  4. When a new person joins your team, do they instantly have access to everything they missed?
  5. Can you get from an idea to a product in the hands of your customers in 14 days?


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The Exponential Teamwork series of talks discusses the team-excelling tools and tactics that Dan has created, adapted, and put into place to help the world’s most high-performing teams. Dan will help you to understand the basics of Agile, distributed team management, and exponential information sharing. You’ll learn how and why tools like:

Upwork, JIRA, Asana, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts,
Amazon Web Services, Github, Google Drive,
Salesforce, Confluence, Dropbox, Docker, Shopify,
Hubspot, Optimizely, Inpectlet, Ansible, & Intercom

…have changed work as we know it. These democratized, inexpensive, and easy-to-implement tools give teams innovative and exponential ways to collaborate around the work that they do.

The best teams in the world leverage these tools and more and they are reinventing what teamwork means. Join Dan Chuparkoff for an Exponential Teamwork talk or workshop and you will learn their secrets.

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