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A New Introduction to JIRA & Agile Team Management

The latest talk in Dan Chuparkoff’s series on building Great Product Teams. These videos are here to help your team to build disruptive products, leverage the power of data science, and collaborate with exponentially-powerful teamwork. Back in 2013, Dan casually made his first Intro to Jira video (as an impromptu lunch-and-learn for the Marketing team while he was working on the Jira team at Atlassian). That video rose to some surprisingly awesome success on YouTube. Sadly there are some parts of the video that failed to truly explain some of the most critical things necessary for mastering Agile collaboration. Then, this year, the Atlassian team released the all new Jira interface which makes some of the important features of Jira a little harder to find. It was time for an update to the world’s most-viewed Introduction to JIRA and Agile Project Management video. We hope this new and improved one doesn’t disappoint.

This talk gives novice, intermediate, & advanced teams alike an intro to the brand new Jira interface and all the basics of Agile so that they can get their team up and running as fast as possible so they can get back to building great products that change the world. Check it out.

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